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We consider a setting in which several operators offer downlink wireless data access services in a certain geographical region. Each operator deploys several base stations or access points, and registers some subscribers. In such a situation, if operators pool their infrastructure, and permit the possibility of subscribers being served by any of the(More)
Hand written digit recognition is highly nonlinear problem. Recognition of handwritten numerals plays an active role in day to day life now days. Office automation, e-governors and many other areas, reading printed or handwritten documents and convert them to digital media is very crucial and time consuming task. So the system should be designed in such a(More)
We consider a framework in which several service providers offer downlink wireless data access service in a certain area. Each provider serves its end-users through opportunistic secondary spectrum access of licensed spectrum, and needs to pay primary license holders of the spectrum usage based and membership based charges for such secondary spectrum(More)
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