Ane Fernandez

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The last generation of graphics cards hosts an array of processors, which can be efficiently employed to simulate the cellular neural networks dynamic. In this paper we show an implementation done using CUDA (compute unified device architecture), a language expressively created for architectures with a multiprocessor core. We compare the results with an(More)
Control tasks require a number of activities, not all of them with the same relevance and priority. The critical subtasks constitute what is denoted as the control kernel. The design of ECS should be structured, with a kernel unit providing the most basic features. Most of these activities, such as data acquisition or control action delivering, are common(More)
A guide robot requires to accurately and robustly capture, process and understand the human order and to generate the correct behaviour for giving the correct answer to the asked task. To automatically perform that natural Human Robot interaction, we propose a solution combining natural language processing techniques, semantic technologies and autonomous(More)
As in a complex growing mesh technologies field, autonomic computing is an auspicious new approach for building large scale distributed systems without assistance of any human interaction. This paradigm provides an environment, which has the potential to manage itself and adapt to the changes. The main objective of autonomic environment is to render the(More)
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