Andy van Kerckvoorde

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A total of 67 taxa, belonging to 15 genera, were recorded from aquatic samples collected in Zackenberg (Northeast Greenland). Most taxa belong to the genera Difflugia, Centropyxis, Nebela and Euglypha. Trinema lineare showed the highest relative abundance. Seven taxa were recorded for the first time in the Arctic. A TWINSPAN classification reveals two(More)
The high-arctic terrestrial environment is generally recognized as one of the world's most sensitive areas with regard to global warming. In this study, we examined the influence of an isolated warm period on net ecosystem carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange at high latitude during autumn. Using the Free Air Temperature Increase (FATI) technique, we manipulated(More)
A total of 81 taxa were observed from 30 soil samples taken from 5 different vegetation types in Northeast Greenland. Most of the dominant diatoms are well-known cosmopolitan aerophilic taxa; only Caloneis aerophila and Pinnularia lagerstedtii are less widespread species. The valve lengths of P. borealis and Hantzschia amphioxys are correlated with the(More)
The last decades, considerable efforts have been made to increase the habitat diversity of river banks along navigable waterways. In particular the construction of nature friendly bank protections aimed to preserve or restore ecological gradients, enhancing habitat diversity. To evaluate the ecological gain obtained so far, monitoring studies are performed.(More)
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