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It is becoming increasingly important that support is provided for users who are dealing with complex information spaces. The need is driven by the growing number of domains where there is a requirement for users to understand, navigate and manipulate large sets of computer based data; by the increasing size and complexity of this information and by the(More)
In previous work, the first author argued for simple lightweight visualisations. These are surprisingly complex to produce due to the need for infrastructure to read files, etc. onCue, a desktop 'agent', aids the rapid production of such visualisations and their integration with desktop and Internet applications. Two examples are used dancing histograms for(More)
Much of the software engineering literature examines techniques and practices that help us to build systems that we have been building for many years already. While there is merit in seeking ways to raise the oor of software engineering practice, we also have an obligation to research software design issues that push the envelope of existing computing(More)
Efficient water resources management owes considerably to skillful basin wide streamflow forecasts at various time scales; the skillful projection of the streamflow probability density function (PDF) is especially of interest. Currently, forecasting centers such as the Colorado Basin River Forecasting Center (CBRFC) implement methods based on observed data,(More)
Simultaneous advances in detector technology and solid-phase separation systems, as well as the availability of powerful desktop computers, have made possible the development of "second-generation" solid-phase immunoassays. These retain the advantages of classical solid phase while significantly accelerating reaction kinetics. Hapten assays--such as for(More)
  • K Ng, H Girnara, +6 authors Survey Report
  • 2011
Electromagnetic Field (EMF) 1 measurement site surveys were conducted on a range of Advance Meter Infrastructure (AMI) meters (also known as Smart Meters) installed in various types of houses. The EMF measurements were performed on AMI Meters installed by the major Victorian Electricity Distribution Businesses (DB) namely – United Energy Distribution,(More)
1. Motivation Many groups have documented a consistent need for climate forecasts from one season to two years lead time to support a variety of applications, and particularly for streamflow forecasting for water, energy and agricultural management. Forecasts across these relatively long time scales are particularly valuable in the Colorado Basin (Figure 1)(More)
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