Andy White

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  • Andy White, Alejandra Martin, D C Washington, Michael Jenkins
  • 2002
There has been much attention and effort—on national and international levels—devoted over past decades to global problems of deforestation and forest degradation and to improving forest management and conservation. The number of protected areas has increased dramatically; new funds have been established to finance protection. Also, many international and(More)
There is an inextricable link between the futures of the world's forests and millions of the world's poorest people. Some one-fourth of the world's poor depend fully or in part on forest products for subsistence needs. 1 Among the rural poor, the percentage is substantially higher. Population growth in tropical wilderness areas is 3.1 percent—more than(More)
The use of computer-based real-time visual displays is now well established in voice clinics. A number of situations exist, however, where a computer-based system is inconvenient and a battery-powered hand-held version would be preferred. This would, for example, enable voice monitoring to be carried out at any time and place, including during home visits.(More)
As part of a larger effort to provide proof-of-concept in vitro-only risk assessments, we have developed a suite of high-throughput assays for key readouts in the p53 DNA damage response toxicity pathway: double-strand break DNA damage (p-H2AX), permanent chromosomal damage (micronuclei), p53 activation, p53 transcriptional activity, and cell fate (cell(More)
There is typically considerable variation in the level of infectivity of parasites and the degree of resistance of hosts within populations. This trait variation is critical not only to the evolutionary dynamics but also to the epidemiology, and potentially the control of infectious disease. However, we lack an understanding of the processes that generate(More)
This paper uses literature on hypertext theory to evaluate our reading strategies in an online environment. Assessing the impact of digital technology on our educational environment and culture, the paper recommends a new form of pedagogy for hypertexts based on Walter Ong's concept of 'secondary orality'. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Hypertext and critical(More)
OBJECTIVE A silencer region (I-allele) within intron 16 of the gene for the regulator of vascular perfusion, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), is implicated in phenotypic variation of aerobic fitness and the development of type II diabetes. We hypothesised that the reportedly lower aerobic performance in non-carriers compared to carriers of the ACE(More)
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