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Access to good quality Machine Translation (MT) has never been as easy as it is today. Portals such as Google Translate and Bing Translator facilitate huge amounts of translation requests on a daily basis, for an ever increasing spectrum of language pairs. People are finding many uses for the raw MT output provided by these, and other, freely available(More)
Edmonton, city on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Here amongst majestic trees, green carpets of lawn, flowering shrubs and plants paint the countryside with breathtaking beauty. Contributors Other people who made a positive contribution to this plan include Adriana Cruces, Figures Trees are an important living asset. They play a key role in(More)
We were tasked with creating best possible non-clinical workspace solutions for approximately 450 hospital staff across 11 departments encompassing medical, nursing, allied health, administrative and other support staff. We used a Human-Centred Design process, involving 'Hear, Create and Deliver' stages. We used observations, contextual enquiry and(More)
  • 1962
So many developments have taken place in the field of nuclear energy since 1956, when the author's previous paper on radioactive waste disposal was published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, that a fresh review of the subject is now appropriate.The present paper deals with those aspects of the problem which are of most interest to the(More)
  • 1956
A comprehensive review is given of the principles and problems involved in the safe disposal of radioactive wastes. The first part is devoted to a study of the basic facts of radioactivity and of nuclear fission, the characteristics of radioisotopes, the effects of ionizing radiations, and the maximum permissible levels of radioactivity for workers and for(More)
The law about expert evidence is unsatisfactory: it gives scope for the expert to usurp the role of judge, jury and parliament; it brings the professions of the experts into disrepute; and it sets juries the impossible task of sorting pseudo sciences from genuine ones. The law should be reformed by changing statutes which force expert witnesses to testify(More)
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