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GPR81, which exhibits a high degree of homology with GPR109a, has been recently identified as a lactate receptor. Similar to GPR109a, the activation of GPR81 by lactate suppresses lipolysis, suggesting that GPR81 may be a potential drug target for treating dyslipidemia. In addition, the fact that GPR81 is expressed only in adipocytes, whereas GPR109a is(More)
INTRODUCTION In the last few years much work has been conducted in creating systems that support clinical trials for example by utilizing electronic health record data. One of these endeavours is the Electronic Health Record for Clinical Research project (EHR4CR). An unanswered question that the project aims to answer is which data elements are most(More)
Irregular N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) function is one of the main hypotheses employed to facilitate understanding of the underlying disease state of schizophrenia. Although direct agonism of the NMDAR has not yielded promising therapeutics, advances have been made by modulating the NMDAR co-agonist site which is activated by glycine and d-serine.(More)
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