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The multifunction radar, aided by advances in electronically steered phased array technology, is capable of supporting numerous, differing and potentially conflicting tasks. However, the full potential of the radar system is only realised through its ability to automatically manage and configure the finite resource it has available. This thesis details the(More)
Multicoset sampling scheme is a technique to achieve high-speed sampling rate, using a bank of lower-rate sampling channels. In this technique, each channel samples with a small delay with respect to the other channels. As a result, we often can reconstruct the high bandwidth input signal, by wisely combining the information from different channels.(More)
This paper describes a technique used to measure oscillator noise sidebands at 94GHz. It is extendible to other frequencies in the millimetre-wave band. Oscillator noise sidebands are particularly significant for Continuous Wave (CW) radars, where the sidebands of the transmit/receive leakage can degrade the system noise figure. Measuring oscillator noise(More)
Echolocating bats have evolved an excellent ability to detect and discriminate targets in highly challenging environments. They have had more than 50 million years of evolution to optimise their echolocation system with respect to their surrounding environment. Behavioural experiments have shown their exceptional ability to detect and classify targets even(More)
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