Andy Siegenthaler

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Carbon dioxide and methane (CH4) fluxes were measured in a cutover bog of the Jura Mountains (France) together with biotic and abiotic variables for two entire vegetation periods in order to compare the carbon balance of the bog at three stages of regeneration. Among all factors, air temperature and vegetation index (including leaf area of vascular plants,(More)
Encoding the spatial location and the time at which significant biological events occur is thought to be a fundamental way in which one form of memory is organized in animals (Gallistel, 1990, The Organization of Learning. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA). If this is true, one would expect to find evidence of this process in a wide variety of animals and in a wide(More)
This experimental study focused on the possible deterrent effect of permanent magnets on adult sandbar sharks Carcharhinus plumbeus. Results showed that the presence of a magnetic field significantly reduced the number of approaches of conditioned C. plumbeus towards a target indicating that adult C. plumbeus can be deterred by strong magnetic fields. These(More)
Field trials show that increased nutrients (mainly P) and heavy metals in soil due to agricultural use of sewage sludge have mainly to be expected when sludge is applied in too high amounts. The biological effects of heavy metals on plants are determined by their solubility which is increased by pH decrease and degradation of organic matter. Normally, it(More)
There is increasing interest in the measurement of methane (CH4) emissions from tree stems in a wide range of ecosystems so as to determine how they contribute to the total ecosystem flux. To date, tree CH4 fluxes are commonly measured using rigid closed chambers (static or dynamic), which often pose challenges as these are bulky and limit measurement of(More)
Eriophorum vaginatum is a characteristic species of northern peatlands and a keystone plant for cutover bog restoration. Understanding the factors affecting E. vaginatum seedling establishment (i.e. growth dynamics and allocation) under global change has practical implications for the management of abandoned mined bogs and restoration of their(More)
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