Andy Shaw

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For those planets and moons that support an atmosphere , ying robots are likely to provide a practical solution to the problem of extended planetary surface coverage for terrain mapping, and surfaceesub-surface composition surveying. Not only could such devices be used for suborbital mapping of terrain regions, but they could be used to transport and deploy(More)
In common with other Mars exploration missions, human supervision of Europe's ExoMars Rover will be mostly indirect via orbital relay spacecraft and thus far from immediate. The gap between issuing commands and witnessing the results of the consequent rover actions will typically be on the order of several hours or even sols. In addition, it will not be(More)
For the past 17 years, Professor Leveson and her graduate students have been developing a theoretical foundation for safety in complex systems and building a methodology upon that foundation. The methodology (as described in her book Safeware 2]) includes special management structures and procedures, system hazard analyses, software hazard analysis,(More)
– Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been available for decades but it has only recently risen to prominence. Increasing competitiveness between tag manufacturers has lead to significant reductions in the cost of the technology, which in turn means that there are an increasing number of industry sectors interested in utilising RFID for(More)
SUMMARY SciSys has been involved in the development of Planetary Aerobots (arial robots) funded by the European Space Agency for use on Mars and has developed image-based localisation technology as part of the activity. However, it is possible to use Aerobots in a different environment to investigate issues regarding robotics behaviour, such as data(More)
Airborne robots, or aerobots, are fast becoming potential experiment delivery and planetary analysis vehicles. With the current trend towards a faster, better, cheaper methodology, aerobots seem to offer significant advantages over rovers and other methods of planetary exploration. as part of a PhD project, to examine potential methods that could be used to(More)
The Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) have achieved a 10 fold increase in traverse distance travelled per Sol when compared with the first rover to land on Mars, and are now in a further extended mission phase. This success is not without cost as primary mission operations can often cost as much as 40% of the total primary mission. The fundamental problem is(More)
Reuters AlertNet provides a web-community environment for the access and sharing of information focused on global humanitarian response scenarios. AlertNet are currently developing ideas that exploit web mapping technology from ESRI in support of the response activities of the humanitarian relief community. A particular feature of the project is the dynamic(More)
In the late 1990s responsiveness has become a key differentiator for manufacturing companies aiming to better support their customers with more timely deliveries and more appropriately customised products. In addition, significant internal improvements in cost and stock reductions can be achieved through a more responsive operation. This paper firstly(More)