Andy Schwartz

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Arthropod-borne apicomplexan pathogens that cause asymptomatic persistent infections present a significant challenge due to their life-long transmission potential. Although anti-microbials have been used to ameliorate acute disease in animals and humans, chemotherapeutic efficacy for apicomplexan pathogen elimination from a persistently infected host and(More)
Texas is the largest cattle producing state and suffers severe economic losses due to abortions caused by the protozoan parasite Tritrichomonas foetus. The objective of this study was to use data from the state-wide diagnostic laboratory system of Texas to investigate the occurrence and spatio-temporal distribution of bovine trichomoniasis (BT) in Texas,(More)
Using serology and bacterial culture, we determined the prevalence of Brucella spp. and the antibody to Brucella spp. in a feral swine (Sus scrofa) population in proximity to a cattle herd that was culture positive for Brucella abortus and Brucella suis in north-central Texas, USA. During a prospective cross-sectional quantitative study in April 2005, we(More)
Wildlife, both native and introduced, can harbor and spread diseases of importance to the livestock industry. Describing movement patterns of such wildlife is essential to formulate effective disease management strategies. Nilgai antelope (Boselaphus tragocamelus) are a free-ranging, introduced ungulate in southern Texas known to carry cattle fever ticks(More)
Introduction An active syndromic surveillance system was designed to collect cattle health information from a sample of Texas cattle market sales. Texas Animal Health Commission livestock inspectors record the total number of animals observed along with the total number displaying clinical signs of interest grouped into body system categories (e.g.(More)
Hand-built verb clusters such as the widely used Levin classes (Levin, 1993) have proved useful, but have limited coverage. Verb classes automatically induced from corpus data such as those from VerbKB (Wijaya, 2016), on the other hand, can give clusters with much larger coverage, and can be adapted to specific corpora such as Twitter. We present a method(More)
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