Andy Rowell

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Neo-Tuberosum clones from the Cornell breeding population were evaluated as female parents in combination with Tuberosum for production from true seed. Field trials of hybrid seedling families were carried out in 1982 and 1983. Families were also grown in a hot greenhouse to measure combining abilities for tolerance to heat stress. General combining ability(More)
BACKGROUND In the UK, transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) have been arguing that levels of illicit trade are high and increasing and will rise further if standardised packaging is implemented. This paper examines trends in and accuracy of media reporting of, and industry data on, illicit tobacco in the UK. METHODS Quantification of the volume, nature(More)
BACKGROUND Following a legal agreement with the European Union (EU), Philip Morris International (PMI) commissions a yearly report ('Project Star', PS) on the European illicit cigarette trade from KPMG, the global accountancy firm. METHODS Review of PS 2010 report. Comparison with data from independent sources including a 2010 pan-European survey(More)
To investigate the criterion validity of the WISC-III, WISC-R and WISC-III IQs of 96 urban special education students who underwent a 3-yr. reevaluation were compared. The study examined (a) differences between WISC-R and WISC-III IQs and scale scores, (b) relationships among respective WISC-R and WISC-III IQs and scale sores, and (c) WISC-III IQ(More)
Field trials were conducted at Freeville, NY to determine if hybrid seedling populations ofSolanum tuberosum L. could be improved by two types of mass selection. Hill and bulk selections plus unselected controls were saved after harvesting tubers from transplanted seedlings of four Neo-Tuberosum × Tuberosum hybrids in 1982. Tubers from these three(More)
A field trial was conducted at Freeville, NY to compare yields from hybrid families ofSolanum tuberosum L. with yields from their corresponding full sib, first clonal generation tubers. Unselected tubers were saved after harvesting transplanted seedlings of four Neo-Tuberosum × Tuberosum hybrids in 1982. The following year these tubers were planted for(More)
A 2-year field study in Lexington, Ky., evaluated weed control efficacy and infl uence on yields of several organic mulches in two organically managed bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) production systems. Five weed control treatments [straw, compost, wood chips, undersown white dutch clover (Trifolium repens) “living mulch,” and the organically approved(More)
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