Andy Richardson

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Captopril alone as therapy for mild heart failure was compared with a combination of frusemide and amiloride in a double-blind randomised crossover trial in 14 patients who had previously been treated with diuretics. Although 10 patients remained stable on captopril alone, 4 patients deteriorated, with the development of pulmonary oedema of breathlessness.(More)
The study looks at the applicability of integrating a Bus Only Shoulder (BOS) into the intermittently congested segment of US 101 in southern San Luis Obispo County. Policy, infrastructure and implementing criteria derived from case studies in Minnesota, Florida and California (San Diego) and the 2007 California Decision Document on BOS are applied to(More)
The sample consisted of 28 patients (16 female: 12 male) from the records of the Orthodontic Department for whom the extraction of both lower first permanent molars was considered due to caries. The age ranged from 8-14 years (mean age 12.4). A cephalometric radiograph was taken prior to the extraction and after a mean of 18 months. No other treatment was(More)
Reduction of the maxillary tuberosities is not always possible when indicated, and it is sometimes necessary to solve the problem by modifying the construction procedures for the complete denture. Because of inadequate space between the maxillary tuberosity and the retromolar pad, acrylic bases of adequate thickness could not be used. Instead, gold shims(More)
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