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The systematic use of Active Power Filters, APFs, to compensate nonlinear loads, has extended the use of the instantaneous reactive power theory. Originally, the p-q theory appeared; it obtained constant instantaneous power in the source side after compensation. Later, other formulations have been developed. They have allowed different compensation(More)
A control algorithm is proposed for a three-phase hybrid power filter constituted by a series active filter and a shunt passive filter. The control strategy is based on the dual formulation of the vectorial theory of electrical power, so that the voltage waveform injected by the active filter is able to compensate the reactive power, to eliminate harmonics(More)
Tabletop computing is a new emerging interface that can be realized with low cost using depth sensor cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect. The optimization of the touch interface using depth measurements must take into account the size variations of a diverse population. In this study, we examine a sample population to understand the differences in hand(More)
Distorted voltage and current waveforms is one of the problems associated to electric power quality. Continuous use of non-linear loads provokes the existence of voltage waveforms with a high distortion. Thus, it is necessary to know the responsible of this problem by means of the commonly named distortion sources identification. In this paper, the problem(More)
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