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For many years, ethernet has been the mainstay for TCP/IP and local area networking, and issues specific to wide area and long haul networks have not been adequately addressed. The advent of FDDI and HIPPI standards, which are, respectively, one and two orders of magnitude faster then Ethernet, and high speed cross country links, are causing what used to be(More)
Population-based screening studies suggest an overall prevalence of coeliac disease in Western populations of about 1%. A variety of neurological problems have been associated with coeliac disease occurring in up to 10% of cases of adult coeliac disease. We report an interesting case of a patient with coeliac disease who subsequently developed neurological(More)
There are numerous products available to designers and architects for all areas of fire safety within buildings. Once the performance criteria have been set by the client, insurer, engineer or approving authority the options can be endless and generally those designers with historical experience with a particular fire safety product will specify these time(More)
Status of this Memo This RFC provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Abstract This memo describes the experiences of a project team at Cray Research, Inc., in implementing support for circuit-switched T3 services. While the issues discussed may not be directly(More)
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