Andy M. Lane

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The objective of the study is to examine the impact of accurate and inaccurate ‘split-time’ feedback upon a 10-mile time trial (TT) performance and to quantify power output into a practically meaningful unit of variation. Seven well-trained cyclists completed four randomised bouts of a 10-mile TT on a SRM™ cycle ergometer. TTs were performed with (1)(More)
Udder capacity and udder shape were scored on 3- to 10-yr-old cows from a large Hereford herd. Udder capacity was scored from 1 (small) and 5 (large) and udder shape was scored from 1 (balanced, udder level with ground) to 5 (unbalanced, funnel-shaped udder). Data were analyzed within age of cow for udder capacity scores from 1 to 4 and for udder shape(More)
The Cell-Dyn 1000 is a new eight parameter fully automatic cell counter. This was evaluated following the ICSH guidelines. Scientific evaluation was generally satisfactory, largely conforming to the manufacturer's specifications. A number of potential microbiological safety hazards were noted; many could be overcome by minor modifications. Throughput and(More)
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