Andy M. Connor

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In this research we use a data stream approach to mining data and construct Decision Tree models that predict software build outcomes in terms of software metrics that are derived from source code used in the software construction process. The rationale for using the data stream approach was to track the evolution of the prediction model over time as builds(More)
Context: Software development projects involve the use of a wide range of tools to produce a software artifact. Software repositories such as source control systems have become a focus for emergent research because they are a source of rich information regarding software development projects. The mining of such repositories is becoming increasingly common(More)
Overexpression of p53 protein is common in cervical carcinoma. We investigated archival biopsies from 26 cervical cancer patients (24 with available lymph nodes) to determine the relationship between p53 overexpression and HPV infection at the cervix and lymph nodes. Twelve cervical carcinoma patients had p53 protein in cervical biopsies detectable by(More)
In this paper, we introduce the concept of the research-practice gap as it is perceived in the field of software requirements engineering. An analysis of this gap has shown that two key causes for the research-practice gap are lack of effective communication and the relatively light coverage of requirements engineering material in University programmes. We(More)
In this paper, we describe the development and operating principles of an immersive virtual reality (VR) visualisation environment that is designed around the use of consumer VR headsets in an existing wide area motion capture suite. We present two case studies in the application areas of visualisation of scientific and engineering data. Each of these case(More)
This paper outlines the development of a wearable game controller incorporating vibrotacticle haptic feedback that provides a low cost, versatile and intuitive interface for controlling digital games. The device differs from many traditional haptic feedback implementation in that it combines vibrotactile based haptic feedback with gesture based input, thus(More)
A variety of sources have noted that a substantial proportion of non trivial software systems fail due to unhindered architectural erosion. This design deterioration leads to low maintainability, poor testability and reduced development speed. The erosion of software systems is often caused by inadequate understanding, documentation and maintenance of the(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) inclusions were discovered at autopsy in the thyroid follicles in five immunocompromised adults, four of whom had acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Although reports of viral infections of the thyroid are uncommon in adults, our experience suggests that the thyroid gland may be commonly involved in patients with disseminated(More)
This paper presents research on current industry practices with respect to requirements engineering as implemented within software development companies in New Zealand. A survey instrument is designed and deployed. The results are analysed and compared against what is internationally considered "best practice" and previous New Zealand and Australian(More)