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An evolutionary thrust in psychology began with Darwin and Romanes with their respective classics on the expression of the emotions (Darwin, 1872) and the evolution of mentality throughout the animal kingdom (Romanes, 1882, 1883, 1888), was maintained in comparative psychology through to the mid-20th century, and then practically died in the first cognitive(More)
The authors outline in this paper the enhancement of a learning technique by the deployment of a novel multimedia learning system (MMLS). An overview of MMLS starting from the content development flow to the implementation stage is discussed in detail. This project is currently being launched at the Multimedia University (MMU) Malaysia. Macromedia(More)
There are four great systems whereby that phenomenon called 'life' variously sustains itself by moving information around in time. Three of these, the genetic system, the immune system , and the various nervous systems that support learning, are miracles of individual biology. Our understanding of each of these is conceptually united and underpinned by the(More)
Several pivaloyl and pivaloyloxy esters and amides of dopamine were synthesized for possible antiparkinson activity. The compounds were synthesized by select O- and N-acylation and N-methylation procedures. The tert-butoxycarbonyl function is an effective and easily removed nitrogen-protecting group for dopamine. Preliminary biological testing results(More)
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