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We present an approach to rewriting in inductively sequential rewriting systems with a very distinctive feature. In the class of systems that we consider, any reducible term defines a <i>needed</i> step, a step that <i>must</i> be executed by <i>any</i> rewriting computation that produces the term's normal form. We show an implementation of rewriting(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate a treatment protocol with repeated transarterial-chemoembolisation (TACE) downsizing before MR-guided laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (LITT) using different chemotherapeutic combinations in patients with unresectable colorectal cancer (CRC) liver metastases. METHODS Two hundred and twenty-four patients were included in the(More)
Of the 8 calves examined four showed 11 / 29 translocation in the heterozygous state, one animal showed this translocation in the homozygous state and the remaining three calves were free of this aberration. None of the dams showed translocation. It is of interest to note that some quantitative cytogenetic data (counts of cells with breaks or gaps) obtained(More)
déficit en cellules germinales est loin de suffire à expliquer, à lui seul, l'arrêt de crois-sance des gonades. Le déficit en tissu somatique est plus important. La différence de volume entre les gonades des freemartins et des foetus témoins est due pour 95 p. cent à une déficience en tissu somatique chez les foetus de 49 à 59 j et pour 70 p. cent environ(More)
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