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We present a compilation scheme for a functional logic programming language. The input program to our compiler is a constructor-based graph rewriting system in a non-confluent, but well-behaved class. This input is an intermediate representation of a functional logic program in a language such as Curry or T OY . The output program from our compiler consists(More)
We present an approach to rewriting in inductively sequential rewriting systems with a very distinctive feature. In the class of systems that we consider, any reducible term defines a <i>needed</i> step, a step that <i>must</i> be executed by <i>any</i> rewriting computation that produces the term's normal form. We show an implementation of rewriting(More)
We introduce a new native code compiler for Curry codenamed Sprite. Sprite is based on the Fair Scheme, a compilation strategy that provides instructions for transforming declarative, non-deterministic programs of a certain class into imperative, deterministic code. We outline salient features of Sprite, discuss its implementation of Curry programs, and(More)
The implementation of functional logic languages by means of graph 7 rewriting requires a special handling of collapsing rules. Recent advances about 8 the notion of a needed step in some constructor systems offer a new approach 9 to this problem. We present two results: a transformation of a certain class of 10 constructor-based rewrite systems that(More)
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