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BACKGROUND Walking and cycling for transport, or 'active travel,' has the potential to contribute to overall physical activity levels. However, a wide range of factors are hypothesized to be associated with adult's active travel behavior. This paper describes current knowledge of the psychological and environmental determinants of active travel in adults,(More)
[1] The fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) includes a comparison of observation-based and modeling-based estimates of the aerosol direct radiative forcing. In this comparison, satellite-based studies suggest a more negative aerosol direct radiative forcing than modeling studies. A previous satellite-based study,(More)
Protoplast technologies offer unique opportunities for fundamental research and to develop novel germplasm through somatic hybridization, organelle transfer, protoclonal variation, and direct insertion of DNA. Applying protoplast technologies to develop Dutch elm disease resistant American elms (Ulmus americana L.) was proposed over 30 years ago, but has(More)
BACKGROUND UK residents' healthcare is free of charge but uptake varies. Cancer survival is inferior to that of other Western European countries. We have used cancer registry data to assess factors associated with access to diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in northern England. METHOD We assigned 34 923 lung cancer patients diagnosed between 1994 and(More)
This article explores the environmental influences on physical activity in an English city. The cross-sectional design of this study allowed us to determine whether perceptions of the local environment and access to facilities were associated with activity in a sample of urban residents (n=401). Logistic regression analysis revealed that respondents who(More)
BACKGROUND Walking for physical activity is associated with substantial health benefits for adults. Increasingly research has focused on associations between walking behaviours and neighbourhood environments including street characteristics such as pavement availability and aesthetics. Nevertheless, objective assessment of street-level data is challenging.(More)
Tropical forests in the Caribbean are often subject to catastrophic disturbances by hurricanes. Despite the high frequency and intensity of hurricanes in this region, their effect on tropical forest dynamics remain poorly understood. In an effort to better understand the importance of hurricanes to a Puerto Rican tropical forest, we employ Bayesian(More)
OBJECTIVE Cancer outcomes vary between and within countries with patients from deprived backgrounds known to have inferior survival. The authors set out to explore the effect of deprivation in relation to the accessibility of hospitals offering diagnostic and therapeutic services on stage at presentation and receipt of treatment. DESIGN Analysis of a(More)
The aim was to examine the effect of geographical access to treatment services on cancer treatment patterns. Records for patients in northern England with breast, colon, rectal, lung, ovary and prostate tumours were augmented with estimates of travel time to the nearest hospital providing surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Using logistic regression to(More)
This study examines the association between objectively measured access to green space, frequency of green space use, physical activity, and the probability of being overweight or obese in the city of Bristol, England. Data from the 2005 Bristol Quality of Life in your Neighbourhood survey for 6821 adults were combined with a comprehensive GIS database of(More)