Andy I. Kokaji

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Although the adaptive immune system has a remarkable ability to mount rapid recall responses to previously encountered pathogens, the cellular and molecular signals necessary for memory CD8(+) T cell reactivation are poorly defined. IL-15 plays a critical role in memory CD8(+) T cell survival; however, whether IL-15 is also involved in memory CD8(+) T cell(More)
BACKGROUND The most frequent trigger of asthma exacerbation is infection with common airway viruses; however, the precise mechanism regulating such severe reactions is not understood. The presence of airway eosinophil products is a unique feature detected in asthmatic airways. Using an animal model, we previously demonstrated that T cells play an important(More)
We have established novel ELISA- and ELISPOT-based assays specific for the detection of a potent cytotoxic mediator, granzyme B (GrB), for the assessment of antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in mice. The sensitivity and specificity of our assays was demonstrated by ELISA using purified mouse GrB and supernatants and cell lysates of cytotoxic(More)
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