Andy Hubbard

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Knowledge, attitudes, and practice patterns concerning cholesterol and heart disease were evaluated in a stratified, random sample of 206 registered nurses at a major academic medical center in New York City. Virtually all nurses were convinced of the importance of diet in reducing heart disease risk, and most (78%) agreed that nutrition counseling should(More)
59 Put simply, “assessment points” represent preselected points along a continuum of resource-indicator values where scientists and managers have together agreed that they want to stop and assess the status or trend of a resource relative to program goals, natural variation, or potential concerns. These points provide an opportunity to synthesize and(More)
organization with which we have the most experience, and the U.S. federal land-management agency that is most directly charged with simultaneously protecting both cultural and natural resources. However, the approach and issues may be extended to other organizations entrusted with similar responsibilities. The views we express are our own; they in no way(More)
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