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Large cities in the United States face multiple challenges in meeting federal air quality standards. One difficulty arises from the uncertainties in evaluating traffic-related air pollution, especially the formation of secondary pollutants such as ozone and some particulate matter. Current air quality models are not well suited to evaluate the impact of a(More)
The proliferation of camcorders has made it possible for everyone to be a film director. However, the editing process is still reserved for a few specialists who have access to sophisticated equipment. In order to offer a low-cost tool which encourages novices to participate in the process, we need to better understand how the power of computers and digital(More)
This thesis explores problems related to the use of 3D computer graphics environments for cinematic previsualization. Traditional 3D environments are difficult for moviemakers to use both because they are slow and the interface does not provide the moviemaker with an appropriate language for creating camera views. The Moviemaker's Workspace was developed to(More)
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