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The development of antibiotics revolutionized human health, providing a simple cure for once dreaded diseases such as tuberculosis. However, widespread production, use, and mis-use of antibiotics have contributed to the next-generation concern for global public health: the emergence of multiple drug-resistant (MDR) infectious organisms (a.k.a. “superbugs”).(More)
In this paper, we evaluate a new generation 5DOF tracker, the Leap Motion Controller, and the mouse for performing integral and separable 3D manipulation tasks in a stage lighting application. Based on the hypothesis that the Leap would outperform the mouse for the integral tasks of position and rotation while the mouse will prove better for the separable(More)
Japanese-cedar has been underused in landscapes of the United States until recent years. There are now over 100 cultivars, many of which are grown in the southeast of the United States. Performance of cultivars has been described from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Zone 6b to USDA Zone 7b; however, there are no reports on how cultivars perform in(More)
INTRODUCTION Availability of timely access to ambulatory care for semi-urgent medical concerns in rural and suburban locales is unknown. Further distance to an emergency department (ED) may require rural clinics to serve as surrogate EDs in their region, and make it more likely for these clinics to offer timely appointments. We determined the availability(More)
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