Andy Hermann

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In this paper, we show the concept of an automotive situation analysis (ASA) to determine the current driving situation in a given traffic scenario. To fulfill these we propose a consistent and extendable description of a driving situation, a situation model and a situation analysis. In the situation model, information of in-car sensors is used to build up(More)
In this paper we present the usage of the distributed environment model (DEM) to supply a proactive sensor system. The proactive sensor-system is a novel approach which combines low-resolution range sensors with high-resolution range sensors. Its aim is to achieve a better cost-benefit ratio on getting accurate knowledge about the environment of a car. We(More)
In Germany, a growing trend can be monitored towards increasing life expectancy, low fertility rates, increasing long-term care rates, a demographic shift in the age structure (demographic challenges). Furthermore, two-third of the dependent people prefer growing old at home instead of living in a retirement home (sociocultural challenges). These trends can(More)
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