Andy Heinig

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This paper deals with the concept of how to integrate results of multi physics investigation of 3D stacks into modern comprehensive 3D data structures. Beside a description of modern 3D data structures and methods for floorplanning and Place&Route, approaches for multi physics modeling are introduced. The extension of the layout optimization process by(More)
System Integration using 3D technology is a very promising way to cope with current and future requirements for electronic systems. Since the pure shrinking of devices (known as “More Moore”) will come to an end due to physical and economic restrictions, the integration of systems (e.g. by stacking dies, or by adding sensor functions) shows a(More)
In this presentation we will show different manufacturing approaches for TSVs which results in different shapes and dimensions. For example, geometries for tungsten filled very small TSVs (smaller than 5um) into very thin 2D chips (under 50um thickness) are shown. Also different assembly technologies for the mounting of the different chips to 2.5D and real(More)