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A key challenge in benchmarking is to predict the performance of an application of interest on a number of platforms in order to determine which platform yields the best performance. This paper proposes an approach for doing this. We measure a number of microarchitecture-independent characteristics from the application of interest, and relate these(More)
Java workloads are becoming more and more prominent on various computing devices. Understanding the behavior of a Java workload which includes the interaction between the application and the virtual machine (VM), is thus of primary importance during performance analysis and optimization. Moreover, as contemporary software projects are increasing in(More)
To realise an Ambient Intelligence environment, it is paramount that applications can dispose of information about the context in which they operate, preferably in a very general manner. For this purpose various types of information should be assembled to form a representation of the context of the device on which aforementioned applications run. To allow(More)
A managed runtime environment, such as the Java virtual machine, is non-trivial to benchmark. Java performance is affected in various complex ways by the application and its input, as well as by the virtual machine (JIT optimizer, garbage collector, thread scheduler, etc.). In addition, non-determinism due to timer-based sampling for JIT optimization,(More)
Java workloads are becoming increasingly prominent on various platforms ranging from embedded systems, over general-purpose computers to high-end servers. Understanding the implications of all the aspects involved when running Java workloads, is thus extremely important during the design of a system that will run such workloads. In other words,(More)
— Debugging a faulty program can be very hard and time-consuming. The programmer usually reexecutes his program, while zooming in on the root cause of the bug. However, sometimes bugs seem to appear only intermittently, making it even harder for the programmer to solve them. The main reason for this is that when executing a program, there are numerous(More)