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In this paper we describe a close analysis of the language used in cyberbullying. We take as our corpus a collection of posts from Formspring.me. Formspring.me is a social networking site where users can ask questions of other users. It appeals primarily to teens and young adults and the cyberbullying content on the site is dense; between 7% and 14% of the(More)
This article describes our experiments for the Sexual Predator Identification tasks at PAN2012. We have previously developed a software application, ChatCoder, for the identification of predatory posts in an online conversation. This paper extends this research to the detection of authors in addition to individual lines of text. We show that we were able to(More)
The authors report 6 cases of kystic dystrophy of the upper urinary tract. A review of the literature and the discussion of the described cases leads to some comments about the pathogeny, the diagnosis and the treatment of this poorly defined syndrome which is due to injuries to the mucosae under the influence of phenomenous more probably inflammatory than(More)
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