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Desert hedgehog (Dhh) signaling plays an essential role in the normal development of the testis and in the process of spermatogenesis. Little is known about the involvement in spermatogenesis of the prototypic member of the family, Ptc1, which acts to suppress hedgehog signaling through Smoothened (Smo). Here, we have examined the expression of Ptc1, Smo,(More)
BACKGROUND Unlicensed medications are used all the time in the management of diseases in childhood. Tolvaptan (Jinarc®) is a vasopressin V2-receptor antagonist licensed for use to slow the progression of cyst development and renal insufficiency of ADPKD in adults with CKD stage 1 to 3 with evidence of rapidly progressing disease. Studies of animal models(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous research suggests that anorexic behaviour may be an attempt to introduce control into a chaotic environment, and that the need for stability and meaning in life is an important factor in the development of psychopathologies. The phenomenon of 'existential anxiety' is a characteristic reaction to a lack of meaning in the life of an(More)
Technology mapping is an important step in the FPGA CAD flow in which a network of simple gates is converted into a network of logic blocks. We consider enhancements to a traditional LUT-based mapping algorithm for an FPGA comprised of logic blocks which implement only a subset of functions of up to k variables--specifically, the logic block is a partial(More)
AIMS To assess the rates of violence in nursery rhymes compared to pre-watershed television viewing. METHODS Data regarding television viewing habits, and the amount of violence on British television, were obtained from Ofcom. A compilation of nursery rhymes was examined for episodes of violence by three of the researchers. Each nursery rhyme was analysed(More)
Due to poor correlations between pre- and post-placement timing analysis, many post-placement optimization strategies have been proposed for the FPGA CAD flow to improve circuit performance. Typically, these methods depend on logic duplication or decomposition methods combine together with incremental placement. Circuit rewriting has proven to be a useful(More)
  • A Fox
  • Social security bulletin
  • 1982
This article describes and reports on the degree to which Social Security and private pensions replaced preretirement earnings for a sample of individuals retiring in the early 1970's. Although simple in concept, replacement rates can be defined in many different ways. Because no one definition is best for all purposes, several are considered, and the(More)
Recent research has suggested that normal adolescent processes are important in understanding psychosis, and that young adult individuals with psychosis are often struggling to develop an individual and autonomous self (the "fundamental task" of adolescence). The current paper explores the utility of considering normative adolescent developmental processes(More)