Andy Fox

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The authors present a robust, infrastructure-centric, and platform-independent approach to integrating information appliances into the iRoom, an interactive workspace. The Interactive Workspaces Project at Stanford explores new possibilities for people to work together in technology-rich spaces with computing and interaction devices on many different(More)
Technology mapping is an important step in the FPGA CAD flow in which a network of simple gates is converted into a network of logic blocks. We consider enhancements to a traditional LUT-based mapping algorithm for an FPGA comprised of logic blocks which implement only a subset of functions of up to k variables--specifically, the logic block is a partial(More)
Using Cloud Storage, users can remotely store their data and enjoy high quality applications and services from a shared pool of resources. However, users, when they don't have the physical possession of the data, chances of raising data integrity issue are possible. Thus, verification of data integrity is the at most important for a user, who has outsourced(More)
Due to poor correlations between pre- and post-placement timing analysis, many post-placement optimization strategies have been proposed for the FPGA CAD flow to improve circuit performance. Typically, these methods depend on logic duplication or decomposition methods combine together with incremental placement. Circuit rewriting has proven to be a useful(More)
Cloud computing has rapid growth globally cause of the facet provided by the service not only scalability but also capacity management that subject to storage huge amount of data. Major issue will going to arrived at the time of storing this much bulky data on a cloud because data integrity may lost at the time of data retrieval.First, Anyone canister to(More)
Nowadays increasing the data storage capacity is one of the important challenges, due to the more demands for using cloud services. There have been offered several approaches to identify and remove duplicated data in virtual machines prior to sending their data to a shared storage resource. Therefore method of storage information should be efficient also(More)
In this paper, we describe the Digital Image Processing, patent preservation and authentication are more eloquent. To accomplish this, digital dissimilar watermarking techniques are introduced for the salvation. We analyze an algorithm in wavelet domain using wavelet transformation for a digital indomitable watermarking. In this technique secret data is(More)
Cloud computing has emerged as a model that harnesses massive capacities of data centers to host services in a cost-effective manner. MapReduce has been widely used as a Big Data processing platform, proposed by Google in 2004 and has become a popular parallel computing framework for large-scale data processing since then. It is best suited for(More)