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We describe a novel application of reconfigurable computing to the problem of computer network security. By filtering network packets with customized logic circuits, we can search headers as well as packet content for specific signatures at Gigabit Ethernet line rate. Input to our system is a set of filter rule descriptions in the format of the public(More)
On July 1, 1997, in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, a pilot experiment of Hospital-at-Home Care (H-Hcare) was set up for a 2-year period at four sites to measure patients' satisfaction with this type of health care. Out of 174 patients referred to the H-Hcare program for a wide range of treatments, 107 were medical patients admitted for heart failure,(More)
This report describes a reduced version of the energy model MARKAL designed for applications at a regional and urban level, and in particular, Geneva, Switzerland. The model and the data set are described and are followed by the practicalities of using the online MARKAL package. The report is organized in four chapters. The first two chapter discuss the(More)
This report gives a detailed description of the different functions of the MARKAL Data Manager (MDM) as well as a user's manual for the online MARKAL-WEB site. The report is organized in two parts. The first part present MARKAL DATA MANAGER, which is a Database providing several functionalities to manage input and output data for MARKAL, and the second part(More)
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