Andy Dickinson

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There are few guidelines on how to involve older people in the design process of new IT related products. In this paper we describe some of the difficulties encountered when working with older people, and introduce the concept of mutual inspiration, illustrated by our experiences. We argue that mutual inspiration can provide a way to make interactions with(More)
Dedicated mobile devices have considerable potential for supporting older people in their day-today lives; devices such as memory aids, security alarms and navigation aids gain much of their utility from the security they provide by being with the user all the time. The imperative for developing such devices stems not only from their potential for(More)
The extreme anterior of the deuterostome embryo is unusual in that ectoderm and endoderm are directly juxtaposed, without intervening mesoderm. In all vertebrates, this region gives rise to the anterior pituitary, the primary mouth and, in most frogs, to the mucus-secreting cement gland. Using the frog Xenopus laevis as a paradigm, we suggest that,(More)
A better understanding of our environment is vital if we are to make informed decisions about a diverse range of issues from transport to energy security. But at a local level, good quality data that could help inform and engage communities is in short supply. The primary sources project adopts concepts of participatory sensing to inform the development of(More)
Advances in conductive inks and increasingly accessible and flexible platforms, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, are allowing researchers to transform a range of surfaces, including paper and additive layer objects, into capacitive surfaces. When imbued with Internet connectivity, and placed within the "Internet of things", opportunities to create(More)
'Children should learn to code', is a simple message that in recent years, has dominated the scene around the development of the computing and technology curriculum. A range of government, public, and privately funded initiatives have highlighted the value of introducing children to coding and computer science. Its role is the broader agenda of encouraging(More)
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