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1 MOTIVATION Suppose you want to take a traditional tabular presentation of a baseball team's schedule (for example, the 2004 Red Sox game log [8]) and draw conclusions about specific aspects of the season or the season as a whole. How do you quickly answer questions like: • How did the team perform in games started by Pedro Mar-tinez? Compared to other(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper reports a mental health assessment of 60 homeless youth. Our study explored the mental health needs of youth accessing an overnight youth shelter (maximum stay 8 weeks). METHODS Participants completed an interview (45 to 120 minutes in duration) using one demographic form and one of two standardized questionnaires (Youth Self(More)
The first lineage segregation in the mouse embryo generates the inner cell mass (ICM), which gives rise to the pluripotent epiblast and therefore the future embryo, and the trophectoderm (TE), which will build the placenta. The TE lineage depends on the transcription factor Cdx2. However, when Cdx2 first starts to act remains unclear. Embryos with zygotic(More)
BACKGROUND There are frequent reports of intensive care unit (ICU) outbreaks due to transmission of particular antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Less is known about the burden of outbreaks of resistance due to horizontal transfer of mobile genetic elements between species. Moreover, the potential of existing statistical software as a preliminary means for(More)
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