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Geomorphology of the cumulative deformation since Oligocene age on the Mw 4.9 Le Teil earthquake fault (South of France,11/11/19)
The Mw 4.9 earthquake that occurred near Montelimar on November 11, 2019 showed peculiar characteristics: a very shallow hypocenter (1km depth) with unexpected surface ruptures for such a moderateExpand
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Rapid response to the Mw 4.9 earthquake of November 11, 2019 in Le Teil, Lower Rhône Valley, France
On November 11, 2019, a Mw 4.9 earthquake hit the region close to Montelimar (lower Rhone Valley, France), on the eastern margin of the Massif Central close to the external part of the Alps. OccuringExpand
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Archaeoseismology in the Inka Sacred Valley and in the Cuzco region, an interdisciplinary approach for past seismic impacts characterization on Cultural Heritage as a new marker for paleoevents?
Trabajo presentado en el 8th International Symposium on Andean Geodynamics (ISAG)", realizado en Quito-Ecuador, del 24-26 setiembre, 2019. Evento organizado por el Instituto Geofisico, EscuelaExpand
Testing Web Mapping and Active Learning to Approach Lidar Data
We developed a web mapping platform to collectively interpret archaeological features using lidar-derived imagery and to train volunteer students to participate in this desk-based web mapping within a crowdsourcing framework. Expand
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Evidence of a large “prehistorical” earthquake during Inca times? New insights from an indigenous chronicle (Cusco, Peru)
Abstract A colonial chronicle written by the indigenous Peruvian author Pachacuti Yamqui Salcamaygua ([1613?]) relates a legend of the sudden appearance of a huge animal – kilometres in length andExpand
Archeoseismology in Machu Picchu, Paleoseismology and Lacustrine records in Cuzco region as key interdisciplinary approaches for intraplate deformation characterization on the Andean Altiplano
Trabajo presentado en el “6th Colloquium on historical earthquakes & paleoseismology studies : Their contribution to the knowledge of the long-term seismic activity and to seismic hazard assessment”,Expand