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Magic Words: How Language Augments Human Computation
Word power Of course, words aren't magic. Neither are sextants, compasses, maps, slide rules and all the other paraphernalia which have accreted around the basic biological brains of Homo sapiens .Expand
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Pressing the Flesh: A Tension in the Study of the Embodied, Embedded Mind?*
Mind, it is increasingly fashionable to assert, is an intrinsically embodied and environmentally embedded phenomenon. But there is a potential tension between two strands of thought prominent in thisExpand
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Supersizing the Mind
Forward: By David Chalmers / Acknowledgements / Introduction: BRAINBOUND versus EXTENDED / I: From Embodiment to Cognitive Extension - 1. The Active Body: 1.1 A Walk on the Wild Side 1.2 InhabitedExpand
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Being there: putting brain
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Memento’s Revenge: The Extended Mind, Extended
In the movie, Memento, the hero, Leonard, suffers from a form of anterograde amnesia that results in an inability to lay down new memories. Nonetheless, he sets out on a quest to find his wife’sExpand
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Towards a Cognitive Robotics
There is a definite challenge in the air regarding the pivotal notion of internal representation. Expand
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Managing Cover Crops Profitably
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Language, embodiment, and the cognitive niche
  • Andy Clark
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences
  • 1 August 2006
Embodied agents use bodily actions and environmental interventions to make the world a better place to think in. Where does language fit into this emerging picture of the embodied, ecologicallyExpand
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Natural-Born Cyborgs?
  • Andy Clark
  • Computer Science
  • Cognitive Technology
  • 2001
Cognitive technologies, ancient and modern, are best understood (I suggest) as deep and integral parts of the problem-solving systems we identify as human intelligence, as well as the dense, reciprocal patterns of causal and co-evolutionary influence that run between them. Expand
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Radical predictive processing
Recent work in computational and cognitive neuroscience depicts the brain as an ever-active prediction machine: an inner engine continuously striving to anticipate the incoming sensory barrage. IExpand
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