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There is a common unjustified belief that OSI management technology, despite being very powerful, is difficult to implement because of the complexity of the underlying service/protocol (CMIS/P) and the power and expressiveness of the associated information model. Industry initiatives to standardise Application Program Interfaces (APIs) in this area have(More)
OBJECTIVES To test whether bisphosphonate use is related to improved implant survival after total arthroplasty of the knee or hip. DESIGN Population based retrospective cohort study. SETTING Primary care data from the United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS All patients undergoing primary total arthroplasty of the knee (n = 18,726) or hip (n = 23,269) in(More)
Use of a placebo control in surgical trials is a divisive issue. We argue that, in principle, placebo controls for surgery are necessary in the same way as for medicine. However, there are important differences between these types of trial, which both increase justification and limit application of surgical studies. We propose that surgical randomised(More)
Project ICM sets out to provide a TMN testbed which will aid the integration of TMN applications. The project will implement it using a common platform, example applications , network interfaces and a simulator. The system will then be tested by validating the functional specifications of the applications using a case study. This deliverable selects the TMN(More)
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