Andy C-M. Chang

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Construction and characterization of a class of multicopy plasmid cloning vehicles containing the replication system of miniplasmid P15A are described. The constructed plasmids have cleavage sites within antibiotic resistance genes for a variety of commonly employed site-specific endonucleases, permitting convenient use of the insertional inactivation(More)
Transformation of E. coli cells treated with CaCl(2) to multiple antibiotic resistance by purified R-factor DNA is reported. Drug resistance is expressed in a small fraction of the recipient bacterial population almost immediately after uptake of DNA, but full genetic expression of resistance requires subsequent incubation in drugfree medium before(More)
Alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) is likely to be an important target for anticancer treatment as ∼10% of cancers depend on this telomere maintenance mechanism for continued growth, and inhibition of ALT can cause cellular senescence. However, no ALT inhibitors have been developed for therapeutic use because of the lack of a suitable ALT activity(More)
Differences in gene expression are likely to explain the phenotypic variation between hormone-responsive and hormone-unresponsive breast cancers. In this study, DNA microarray analysis of approximately 10,000 known genes and 25,000 expressed sequence tag clusters was performed to identify genes induced by estrogen and repressed by the pure antiestrogen ICI(More)
The nucleotide sequence of a 1,091-base pair cloned cDNA insert encoding bovine corticotropin-beta-lipotropin precursor mRNA is reported. The corresponding amino acid sequence indicates that the precursor protein consists of repetitive units and includes a third melanotropin sequence in its cryptic portion. Pairs of lysine and arginine residues separate the(More)
An assay was developed to investigate the fate of specific segments of beta-lactamase (bla) and ompA gene transcripts in Escherichia coli. DNA probes cloned in bacteriophage M13 were treated with an endonuclease capable of cleaving single-stranded DNA, the fragments produced were annealed with total cellular RNA, and the resulting RNA . DNA hybrids were(More)
Growth arrest-specific (gas) genes are expressed preferentially in cells that enter a quiescent state. gas7, which we identified in serum-starved murine fibroblasts, is reported here to be expressed in vivo selectively in neuronal cells of the mature cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum. gas7 transcripts encode a 48-kDa protein containing a(More)
The construction of new plasmid DNA species by in vitro joining of restriction endonuclease-generated fragments of separate plasmids is described. Newly constructed plasmids that are inserted into Escherichia coli by transformation are shown to be biologically functional replicons that possess genetic properties and nucleotide base sequences from both of(More)
Downstream placement of a strong transcriptional termination signal has made possible the cloning of bacteriophage T5 promoters known to exhibit high signal strength. The cloning system constructed contains two easily assayable indicator functions whose expression is controlled by the integration of promoters and terminators, respectively. By assessing(More)