Andy A C Webb

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Reshaping of the forehead and fronto-orbitlal bandeau in the correction of craniosynostosis requires careful attention to the ideal craniofacial proportions. Osteotomies guided by standard templates have been described to correct deformities of the fronto-orbital bandeau and forehead. We have used an individualized template as a guide to correction by(More)
Dissection deep within the orbit is a cause for concern to surgeons because of the perceived risks of injuring critical structures such as the contents of the superior orbital fissure and the optic nerve. Although "safe distances" (those distances within which it is considered safe to dissect within the orbit) have been described, these are of limited value(More)
The degree of resolution of diplopia after repair of a blow-out fracture of the orbital floor varies and depends on many factors. We present six patients, each of whom had extensive fractures of the floor of the orbit that extended posteriorly to its anatomical limit. The mean (range) time for the resolution of diplopia after reconstruction was 4.4 (1-7)(More)
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