Andrzej Wronski

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Disruption of the breast cancer susceptibility gene Brca1 results in defective lobular-alveolar development in the mammary gland and a predisposition to breast tumourigenesis in humans and in mice. Recent evidence suggests that BRCA1 loss in humans is associated with an expansion of the luminal progenitor cell compartment in the normal breast and tumours(More)
Gödel [2] stated that there is no finite matrix adequate for the intuition-istic propositional logic (IN T). However, a denumerable adequate matrix was found by Ja´skowski [5]. In this paper it is shown that no denumerable matrix is strongly adequate for IN T which was previously conjectured by prof. R. Suszko. be the free algebra in the class of all(More)
This Special Issue of Reports on Mathematical Logic is dedicated to the memory of the Dutch logician Willem Johannes Blok, who died in an accident on November 30, 2003. This was an immense loss for the academic community of logicians and universal algebraists, and more particularly for Reports on Mathematical Logic. Wim, as everyone called him, published a(More)
A class K of algebras with a distinguished constant term 0 is called Fregean if congruences of algebras in K are uniquely determined by their 0-cosets and Θ A (0, a) = Θ A (0, b) implies a = b for all a, b ∈ A ∈ K. The structure of Fregean varieties was investigated in a paper by P. Idziak, K. S lomczy´nska, and A. Wro´nski. In particular, it was shown(More)