Andrzej Wolski

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To achieve fast damping, the NLC Main Damping Ring uses a wiggler with high field strength, 2.15 T, and over 45 m in length. An ideal wiggler with infinitely wide pole pieces may be treated as a linear element, and has no impact on the dynamic aperture. However, the integrated nonlinear components from a real wiggler with integrated field over 100 Tm can be(More)
The subfamily Cylapinae (Insecta, Heteroptera: Miridae) from India is reviewed. Three tribes, seven genera and nineteen species are cited from the country, keyed and described. Six species are described as new: Fulvius kadapaensis sp. nov., Peritropis kodava sp. nov., Peritropis pathaki sp. nov., Peritropis sangai sp. nov., Peritropis yasunagai sp. nov. and(More)
The next generation linear colliders require damping rings to generate beam with very small transverse emittances to attain the desired luminosity. The required emittances are smaller than that of most operating synchrotron radiation sources. In this paper, the alignment tolerances needed to attain these small emittances are compared with those of the(More)
The genera Peritropisca Carvalho & Lorenzato, 1978 and Rewafulvius Carvalho, 1972 are redescribed. A description of a new species of the genus Peritropisca from Indonesia-P. laticostata sp. nov. and a redescription of P. bituberculata Carvalho & Lorenzato, 1978 are provided. The genus Euchilofulviella Gorczyca, 1999 is proposed as a junior synonym of(More)
The plant bug genus Cylapocoris Carvalho, 1954 is revised. Seven new species: Cylapocoris costaricaensis sp. nov., C. cucullatus sp. nov., C. fulvus sp. nov., C. laevigatus sp. nov., C. marmoreus sp. nov., C. plectipennis sp. nov., and C. simplex sp. nov. are described from Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela. The genus Adcylapocoris Carvalho, 1989(More)
Adding a field gradient to the main dipoles for the NLC Main Damping Ring lattice has leads to significant improvements in the dynamic behavior of particles in the lattice. We describe the properties of the new lattice, including some initial estimates of alignment tolerances required to achieve the desired vertical emittance. CBP Tech Note-223 LCC-0055(More)
Indispensable subsystems of the International Linear Collider (ILC) will be the damping rings, which will shrink the emittances of the electron and positron beams. This idea was first proposed by Amaldi [1]. Once the beams enter their respective main linacs, the ultra low emittances should already have been achieved in the damping rings, where the(More)
Fulvius Stål (Cylapinae: Fulviini) is a large plant bug genus, with more than 80 described species distributed throughout the world (Schuh, 1995; 2002-2014). In Japan, five species listed below have been recorded mostly from the subtropical Ryukyu arc (Yasunaga, 2000, 2001; Yasunaga & Miyamoto, 2006; Yasunaga et al., 2012). Our recent closer examinations of(More)