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The plant bug genus Cylapocoris Carvalho, 1954 is revised. Seven new species: Cylapocoris costaricaensis sp. nov., C. cucullatus sp. nov., C. fulvus sp. nov., C. laevigatus sp. nov., C. marmoreus sp. nov., C. plectipennis sp. nov., and C. simplex sp. nov. are described from Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela. The genus Adcylapocoris Carvalho, 1989(More)
The genera Peritropisca Carvalho & Lorenzato, 1978 and Rewafulvius Carvalho, 1972 are redescribed. A description of a new species of the genus Peritropisca from Indonesia-P. laticostata sp. nov. and a redescription of P. bituberculata Carvalho & Lorenzato, 1978 are provided. The genus Euchilofulviella Gorczyca, 1999 is proposed as a junior synonym of(More)
The subfamily Cylapinae (Insecta, Heteroptera: Miridae) from India is reviewed. Three tribes, seven genera and nineteen species are cited from the country, keyed and described. Six species are described as new: Fulvius kadapaensis sp. nov., Peritropis kodava sp. nov., Peritropis pathaki sp. nov., Peritropis sangai sp. nov., Peritropis yasunagai sp. nov. and(More)
The genus Cylapofulvidius Chérot & Gorczyca, 2000 is proposed as a junior subjective synonym of Fulvidius Poppius, 1909 syn. nov. and all members of Cylapofulvidius are transferred to the genus Fulvidius. The genus Fulvidius and its type species F. punctatus Poppius, 1909 are redescribed, and diagnoses of each Fulvidius species, habitus picture of the adult(More)
A new species of the genus Sulawesifulvius, Sulawesifulvius thailandicus Wolski, Yasunaga & Gorczyca, sp. n., is described from Thailand. The present finding also represents the first distribution record in Indochina for the genus. Color adult habitus images for Sulawesifulvius thailandicus and Sulawesifulvius schuhi (type species of the genus), male(More)
The genus Xenocylapidius Gorczyca, 1997 is revised. Five new species: Xenocylapidiusacutipennis sp. n., Xenocylapidiusater sp. n., Xenocylapidiusbimaculatus sp. n., Xenocylapidiusgemellus sp. n., and Xenocylapidiusrolandi sp. n. are described from Australia and New Caledonia. Illustrations of the male genitalia, color photographs of dorsal and lateral views(More)
Fulvius Stål (Cylapinae: Fulviini) is a large plant bug genus, with more than 80 described species distributed throughout the world (Schuh, 1995; 2002-2014). In Japan, five species listed below have been recorded mostly from the subtropical Ryukyu arc (Yasunaga, 2000, 2001; Yasunaga & Miyamoto, 2006; Yasunaga et al., 2012). Our recent closer examinations of(More)
Comefulvius chingonus Carvalho & Carpintero, the only representative of the genus Comefulvius, previously known only from Córdoba Province, Argentina, is recorded from Ecuador. Redescription of Comefulvius is given along with color photographs of the adult and illustrations of the male genitalia.
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