Andrzej Wernicki

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Lactobacilli are natural inhabitants of human and animal mucous membranes, including the avian gastrointestinal tract. Recently, increasing attention has been given to their probiotic, health-promoting capacities, among which their antagonistic potential against pathogens plays a key role. A study was conducted to evaluate probiotic properties of(More)
Conglutinin is a high molecular-weight lectin originally detected in bovine serum. It belongs to the family of collectins that bind sugar residues in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner and are effector molecules in innate immunity. Conglutinin appears to play an important role in immune defense mechanisms, showing antiviral and antibacterial activities when tested(More)
The objective of our study is to evaluate the potential use of Amplified 16S Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis (16S-ARDRA) and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (MS) as methods for species identification of Lactobacillus strains in poultry. A total of 80 Lactobacillus strains isolated from the cloaca of chicken, geese and turkeys were identified to the species(More)
Mannheimia haemolytica is the most important bacterial pathogen isolated from cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). Routine identification of these bacteria is usually performed using phenotypic methods. Our study showed that MALDI-TOF MS is a reliable alternative to these methods. All of the strains analyzed were identified as M. haemolytica. The(More)
AIM OF STUDY The objective of this study was isolation and morphological characterization of temperate bacteriophages obtained from M. haemolytica strains and evaluation of their lytic properties in vitro against M. haemolytica isolated from the respiratory tract of calves. MATERIAL AND METHODS The material for the study consisted of the reference strain(More)
In view of the significant role of Hsp70 in protecting the organism against the destructive effects of stress, and the possibility of using this protein as a marker of the infarction process in the heart, the aim of this study was to conduct an evaluation of the expression of 70kDa heat shock proteins (Hsp70) and the concentration of TBARS (thiobarbituric(More)
In the present study we investigated the effect of bovine conglutinin on the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. We measured both the chemotactic activity of conglutinin and its effect on the internalization of zymosan particles and E. coli by granulocytes. We also assessed the binding of conglutinin to various microorganisms isolated from clinical cases in(More)
The aim of the study was to assess the effect of selected isolation methods on the viability and metabolism of bovine leukocytes. The cells were isolated using a Ficoll 1077, Histopaque 1083 gradient and osmotic shock method, and Ficoll or Histopaque with osmotic shock. Evaluation were made of the total number of cells, viability after isolation and in 24h(More)
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