Andrzej Tarczynski

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The problem of designing optimal digital IIR filters with frequency responses approximating arbitrarily chosen complex functions is considered. The real-valued coefficients of the filter’s transfer function are obtained by numerical minimization of carefully formulated cost, which is referred here to as the weighted integral of the squared error (WISE)(More)
Nonuniform sampling can facilitate digital alias-free signal processing (DASP), i.e., digital signal processing that is not affected by aliasing. This paper presents two DASP approaches for spectrum estimation of continuous-time signals. The proposed algorithms, named the weighted sample (WS) and weighted probability (WP) density functions, respectively,(More)
Current clinical diagnostics are based on biochemical, immunological, or microbiological methods. However, these methods are operator dependent, time-consuming, expensive, and require special skills, and are therefore, not suitable for point-of-care testing. Recent developments in gas-sensing technology and pattern recognition methods make electronic nose(More)
A method of designing fixed-coefficient FIR filters whose input signals are sampled irregularly due to clock jitter is presented. The approach does not require direct measuring of the jitter. Instead it is assumed that the jitter is a strictly stationary stochastic process for which some statistical information is available. Prelin~inary analysis of(More)
A method of assessing the quality of reconstructing signals from finite sets of samples is presented. The assessment uses a sensitivity function that provides information about the reliability of the reconstructed signal at every time instant. The sensitivity function equals zero where the reconstruction is perfect (sampling instants) and achieve global(More)
In this paper we propose to use digital fractional sample delayers to perform high precision beam steering at the baseband sampling frequency. The major advantages of the proposed technique are that the fractional sample delayer (FSD) used has a very flat magnitude response within the baseband width allowing greater than 20-bit resolution for a 35-tap(More)