Andrzej Szymański

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The optimization of scaffold mechanical properties for neurite extension is critical for neural tissue engineering. Agarose hydrogels can be used to stimulate and maintain three-dimensional neurite extension from primary sensory ganglia in vitro. The present study explores the structure-function relationship between dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurite(More)
Aerobic biodegradation behavior of nonylphe-nol monopropoxyethoxylates was investigated in two tests with different inocula-sewage sludge and river water. Both primary biodegradation and formation of different bio-degradation intermediates were studied. Primary biodeg-radation of nonylphenol monopropoxyethoxylates was relatively fast and complete with the(More)
Aerobic biodegradation behaviour of nonyl-phenol propoxylates was investigated in two tests with different sewage sludge as inocula. The samples containing target compounds were pre-concentrated using dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction and analysed with the use of high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. Both primary(More)
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