Andrzej S. Nowak

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BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Acute pancreatitis is the most frequent and difficult-to-avoid complication of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Corticosteroids, potent anti-inflammatory drugs, and allopurinol--a xanthine oxidase inhibitor that blocks the generation of oxygen-derived free radicals--may be potentially effective in preventing(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the commonest site for malignancy in Europe. The Commissioner for Health wishes to promote screening for colorectal, breast and cervical cancer in Europe. The aim of this study was to assess public knowledge of CRC in Europe and likely take up of free screening. To this end 20710 members of the public from 21 European countries(More)
We prove that the Banzhaf value is a unique symmetric solution having the dummy player property, the marginal contributions property introduced by Young (1985) and satisfying a very natural reduction axiom of Lehrer (1988). This note is devoted to the value concept introduced by Banzhaf (1965). It is wellknown that the Banzhaf value is not an efficient(More)
Load models are developed for highway bridges. The models are based on the available statistical data on dead load, truck loads and dynamic loads. The paper deals mostly with the static live load. The model is derived from truck surveys, weigh-in-motion measurements and other observations. Simple span moments, shears and negative moments are calculated for(More)