Andrzej Osyczka

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In this paper a multicriterion network optimization problem is discussed. The problem formulation is given and next the min-max principle of optimality is used in order to define the optimal path in the network. Then a method for seeking the optimal path in the network is described. In der Arbeit wurde das Problem der Polyoptimierung von Netzwerken(More)
A cysteine-specific methanethiosulfonate spin label was introduced into yeast iso-1-cytochrome c at three different positions. The modified forms of cytochrome c included: the wild-type protein labeled at naturally occurring C102, and two mutated proteins, S47C and L85C, labeled at positions 47 and 85, respectively (both S47C and L85C derived from the(More)
Horse cytochrome c was reacted with the spin label (succinimidyl-2,2, 5,5-tetra-methyl-3-pyrroline-1-oxyl-carboxylate) using optimized conditions and the reaction products were separated by a combination of cation-exchange chromatography and HPLC. The purified cytochrome c derivatives were digested with TPCK treated trypsin and the resulting peptides were(More)
The paper describes the application of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms in multicriteria optimization of operational production plans in a foundry, which produces iron castings and uses hand molding machines. A mathematical model that maximizes utilization of the bottleneck machines and minimizes backlogged production is presented. The model includes(More)
The lot sizing problems are one of the basic optimization problems, which have to be solved during production planning. Only a few nature-inspired algorithms have been proposed for solving such problems. In this study the authors propose a genetic algorithm for a discrete lot sizing problem with so called small buckets and the criterion of capacity(More)
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