Andrzej Nycz

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This paper discusses the tracking algorithms and approach used to control the Tracking Fluoroscope System. It is a mobile platform equipped with an on-board fluoroscope system to perform real-time imaging of human joints in motion: ankles, knees and hips. In order to record the natural and uninterrupted joint motion, the person has to be able to walk freely(More)
Sensors such as cameras and range finders provide flexibility and safety to telerobotic manipulations. However, in order to use their supportive features, sensor-based telerobotic control requires that both the sensors and the robot arm be calibrated so that the manipulator can target and articulate objects in the environment easily and effectively. The(More)
A new class of fluoroscopy, using a robotic mobile platform, is being developed. The Tracking Fluoroscope System (TFS) is intended to be an orthopedic diagnostic tool that provides more accurate and detailed in vivo pre-operative and post-operative information for surgeons. This is accomplished through the ability to fluoroscope natural and uninterrupted(More)
Large multi-fingered end-effectors have promise to provide the added dexterity needed for manipulation while decreasing the amount of special fixturing required for tooling and object manipulation common to remote handling operations in hazardous and unstructured environments such as those in the nuclear domain. This paper presents the integration of a(More)
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