Andrzej Nowicki

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The modified synthetic transmit aperture (STA) algorithm is described. The primary goal of this work was to assess the possibility to improve the image quality achievable using synthetic aperture (SA) approach and to evaluate the performance and the clinical applicability of the modified algorithm using phantoms. The modified algorithm is based on the(More)
INTRODUCTION The prostate cancer is difficult to predict, and treatment failure is associated with local infiltration, as well as distant metastases. Adhesion and migration abilities to of cancer cells play a major role in formation of metastasis. The participation of β-catenin in pathogene-sis of many types of cancer and benign processes has been an(More)
A tissue thermal conductivity (Ks) is an important parameter which knowledge is essential whenever thermal fields induced in selected organs are predicted. The main objective of this study was to develop an alternative ultrasonic method for determining Ks of tissues in vitro suitable for living tissues. First, the method involves measuring of(More)
The issue of maximizing penetration depth with concurrent retaining or enhancement of image resolution constitutes one of the time invariant challenges in ultrasound imaging. Concerns about potential and undesirable side effects set limits on the possibility of overcoming the frequency dependent attenuation effects by increasing peak acoustic amplitudes of(More)
This study concerns the development and investigation of a new composing method of short coded sequences and their transmission based on well-known Golay complementary codes and applied compression technique allowing to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and penetration. This new method can potentially play important role in examination of superficial(More)
The paper presents a description of the hydrodynamic part of the coupled ice-ocean model that also includes ecosystem predictive model for evaluation of the condition of the marine environment and the Baltic ecosystem, as well as a preliminary empirical verification of the operational hydrodynamic model based on the POP code in order to 5 determine the(More)
The goal of this study is to improve the synthetic transmit aperture (STA) imaging method by employing the transducer array element beam pattern correction combined with emission of mutually orthogonal complementary Golay sequences. The transmit-receive scheme based on simultaneous emission of different Golay pairs by adjacent transmit subapertures is(More)
A standard USG image is in fact a visualization of a distribution of the reflexion coefficients. There is an increasing interest in imaging of the different parameters, which might characterize another physical properties of a tissue. The attenuation coefficient is one of such parameters and theoretically it can be estimated using frequency shift of the RF(More)
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