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  • Andrzej Nowak
  • 2004
The principle of parsimony, embraced in all areas of science, states that simple explanations are preferable to complex explanations in theory construction. Parsimony, however, can necessitate a trade-off with depth and richness in understanding. The approach of dynamical minimalism avoids this trade-off. The goal of this approach is to identify the(More)
In this paper we will rst discuss computer simulations of social processes as models of qualitative understanding. In the second part of the paper we will present the cellular automata model of dynamic social impact (Nowak et al. 1990) and its applications in the areas of the formation of public opinion and social change as an example of a model of(More)
Intractable conflicts are demoralizing. Beyond destabilizing the families, communities, or international regions in which they occur, they tend to perpetuate the very conditions of misery and hate that contributed to them in the first place. Although the common factors and processes associated with intractable conflicts have been identified through(More)
Anderson [1] proposed the concept of complexity in order to describe the emergence and growth of macroscopic collective patterns out of the simple interactions of many microscopic agents. In the physical sciences this paradigm was implemented systematically and confirmed repeatedly by successful confrontation with reality. In the social sciences however,(More)
Data analysis techniques based on likelihood function calculation play a crucial role in many High Energy Physics measurements. Depending on the complexity of the models used in the analyses, with several free parameters, many independent variables, large data samples, and complex functions, the calculation of the likelihood functions can require a long CPU(More)
Integrating social and sensor networks can transform big data, if treated as a knowledge commons, into a higher form of collective awareness that can motivate users to self-organize and create innovative solutions to various socioeconomic problems. The Web extra at http://youtu.be/xSoAvMNZSL8 is a video in which author Jeremy Pitt expands on his article(More)
We modify neural networks models of the Hopfield type so that they can recognize the degree of novelty of the input stimuli on a local level. The networks control themselves the quality of recognition and can also recognize locally the bits of information in the input patterns which do not agree with known patterns, i.e. stored memories. This task is(More)
To date, the vast majority of the research on aggression has been conducted on Western samples. This research expands the culture-bound understanding of aggression by examining universal and culture-specific dimensions that underlie the psychological structure of aggression. Drawing on cultural logics of honor, dignity, and face, we examine the construal of(More)
Glossary Cellular Automata Discrete variables on a discrete lattice change in discrete time steps. Ising model Neighbouring variables prefer to be the same but exceptions are possible. The probability for such exceptions is an exponential function of " temperature ". Percolation Each site is randomly either occupied or empty, leading to random clusters. At(More)