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This paper reviews some of our recent applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model heat and mass transfer problems in neonatology and investigates the major heat and mass transfer mechanisms taking place in medical devices such as incubators and oxygen hoods. This includes novel mathematical developments giving rise to a supplementary model,(More)
—Data analysis techniques based on likelihood function calculation play a crucial role in many High Energy Physics measurements. Depending on the complexity of the models used in the analyses, with several free parameters, many independent variables, large data samples, and complex functions, the calculation of the likelihood functions can require a long(More)
We modify neural networks models of the Hopfield type so that they can recognize the degree of novelty of the input stimuli on a local level. The networks control themselves the quality of recognition and can also recognize locally the bits of information in the input patterns which do not agree with known patterns, i.e. stored memories. This task is(More)
Glossary Cellular Automata Discrete variables on a discrete lattice change in discrete time steps. Ising model Neighbouring variables prefer to be the same but exceptions are possible. The probability for such exceptions is an exponential function of " temperature ". Percolation Each site is randomly either occupied or empty, leading to random clusters. At(More)
Anthropometric, cephalometric, and dental data from 23 subjects (12 males and 11 females) afflicted with myotonic dystrophy were compared to similar data from normal subjects who participated in the Iowa Facial Growth Study. A two by two analysis of variance showed that myotonic subjects differed from normal subjects in headlength, head breadth, cephalic(More)