Andrzej Muszyński

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The authors describe a case of a giant intracranial aneurysm of the left internal carotid artery in which signs of raised intracranial pressure predominated. In view of presence of internal hydrocephalus Holter's valve was implanted. The aneurysm was excluded from the circulation by trapping the afferent vessel. A good therapeutic result was achieved.
PURPOSE The aim of the study was to develop and verify a model of rally driver with a safety system HANS (head supporting device), which will enable biomechanical analysis of injuries in rally accident. METHODS Simulations were carried out in Madymo® software, the results of which were verified based on sled test performed in the Automotive Industry(More)
The authors analyzed the signs and clinical data from the preoperative period in 39 patients with tumours of the conus terminalis and cauda equina. Most patients had been treated for a long time for lumbar discopathy with sciatic pains. Most symptoms and neurological signs were in many cases suggestive rather of lumbar disc prolapse than spinal tumour.(More)
By polygraphic methods the authors studied the sleep patterns during treatment of patients with subtentorial tumours causing hydrocephalus. Sleep recording was carried out in three stages of treatment: 1) before insertion of ventriculo-atrial valve, (7 investigations), 2) on the 7th day after valve insertion (7 investigations), 3) two months after removal(More)
The authors present the results of surgical treatment of 48 aneurysms situated on the anterior communicating artery operated upon by the classic and microsurgical methods. The latter method has made it possible to raise the proportion of very good and good results from 23% in the classic method to 70%, and to reduce the postoperative mortality in groups I(More)
The curves of cerebrospinal fluid pressure (CFP) in the lateral cerebral ventricle during the so called ventricular filling-up test are presented in 6 patients with high-pressure and medium-pressure hydrocephalus as compared with CFP curves obtained in 2 patients with low-pressure hydrocephalus. The method of filling-up test (infusion test) is described. In(More)