Andrzej Mróz

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Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is a rare aggressive lymphoid neoplasm occurring in about 3–7 % of non-Hodgkin lymphomas in the United States and Europe. Although lymphomas infiltrations are recognized in about half of post-mortem studies, in available literature we found only eight cases of mantle cell lymphoma with renal involvement. Five of them present MCL(More)
Diagnostic and prognostic significance of α-methylacyl-CoA racemase (AMACR) has been established in many human cancers. Its correlation with clinical and pathologic data in gastric cancer has not been fully elucidated and its impact on surveillance has not been studied thus far. We analyzed consecutive gastric cancer cases in terms of AMACR expression and(More)
INTRODUCTION During the last decades, the proximal shift in the distribution of colorectal carcinomas (CRCs) has been described. It is uncertain whether the shift is the result of actual changes in CRC incidence or reflects population aging. Most CRCs develop as a result of malignant progression of benign epithelial neoplasms--advanced adenomas (AA). (More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of sex, age, family history and distal findings on the risk of proximal advanced neoplasia (cancer or advanced adenoma) in the large bowel. MATERIAL AND METHODS Records for 10 111 asymptomatic participants of the Colonoscopy Screening Program (CSP), recruited from the Warsaw region between 2000(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Cytomegalovirus [CMV] infection often reactivates in the course of inflammatory bowel disease, but the significance of this remains disputable. Our aim was to evaluate whether severity of CMV colitis is associated with colectomy risk in ulcerative colitis [UC] patients. The secondary aim was to evaluate agreement between(More)
The patients after renal transplantation with deteriorating graft function were included to the study. The aim of the study was to establish the usefulness of stabile complement split product C4d expression as the independent indicator of immunological activity in chronic rejection. The C4d expression was studied on fresh frozen tissue with(More)